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William Taylor

The choice is yours! A world awaits you; an unbridled world of desire. Isn’t it time you reached for it? Isn’t that why you’re here?

Let me Introduce Myself

I’m William Taylor, an entrepreneur and professional male escort for women based in Melbourne, Australia. I am a genuinely warm and down to earth man who takes pride in being able to capture and nurture the true essence of a woman. Her vulnerability, her strength, her hidden desires.

My professionalism is incredibly important. Choosing an independent male escort can be daunting, or – worse yet – disappointing. In my experience, everyone has different ideas of ‘professionalism’. To find out more about my professional attitude and to reassure yourself that you are, indeed, in capable hands, I encourage you to read my FAQ page and, of course, my testimonials.

It’s important that you are informed and confident in your decision and ultimately satisfied.

William Taylor in a suit


Male Escort William in Jeans

Feeling uncertain or shy? Let’s meet first for a coffee or a drink and a chat. 

There’s no need to rush into anything.

I’m easy to be around. My chilled persona will hopefully put you at ease and we can then progress from there – at your discretion of course. 

William Taylor in a suit

 This experience is a non-intimate one and is offered instead, as the perfect companion – attentive and charming; ensuring you have a wonderful time no matter what

Male Escort with sexy shoulders

I’m an open minded, confident man who doesn’t shock easily. Guiding couples through this new adventure of multiple play, which can be equal parts thrilling and challenging, is an enjoyable experience for me.

Take your time, read over my luxury options and imagine yourself there right alongside me.
Imagine, for a moment, that I’m talking to you; that this is just for you…

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