2020 what a year!!!!!

Part 1

Well it seems for Victoria, the fun and freedom can finally happen again. Our number of Covid-19 cases are at a safe level and businesses are beginning to reopen. I am writing this blog because escorting services are back on the menu for Victorians. Therefore…feel free to contact me! 🙂

And….that is enough chat about Covid-19. I’m going to assume that we’ve all had enough of those chats by now. Instead, I thought I’d share an update on what’s been keeping me busy whilst in lockdown.

When the global pandemic first happened and Australia first went into lockdown, I quickly made the decision to relocate back home to Western Australia to temporarily be with my family. I went back to work on the family farm which, I now believe, was one of my best decisions for 2020 so far. I was home for just over three months and really felt like I reconnected with my family – which is why I think it was such a good decision to go back there. I would normally say that I am close with my family but getting to spend such an extended time with them was something really special. I got to enjoy Mum’s cooking again, work beside my father, chat about what is happening in my parents lives, stay in the family home, spend some time with my sisters and their partners and see my nieces and nephews as they grow up. All things I have not experienced enough of while living in Melbourne. Life was good. For that reason, I’ve actually enjoyed some of the unexpected changes that 2020 has forced upon me.

To give you more of an idea about the experience of being home, allow me to paint you a little mental picture about the area – it is a place that is very different to Melbourne. A beautiful place with its own personality and charm. The farm is located near a town that is quite isolated; something that is miles away from anything resembling a city. The town is solely there to support the farmers of the area. It’s the sort of place that has one pub, one supermarket, one post office and is possible to drive though in under a minute. It is a place with an excess of wide open spaces and a very laid back and relaxed pace to life. 

As dreamy as that picture sounds, I definitely wasn’t home for a holiday. I was kept reasonably busy with work for most of the time that I was there. It was good timing for me to be home as it was a busy period on the farm – at that time of year there is always lots to be done. It was days of fixing fences, draughting sheep, feeding sheep, driving a tractor to sow the crop and many other tasks. It’s all work which I enjoyed though. It was nice to be back working with my hands again (in a different way 😉), being outdoors most days and performing simple jobs that give great satisfaction when completed. For me, going back there is very reminiscent; it takes me back to doing work I did many moons ago. Even some of the less pleasant jobs like clearing rocks by hand and chipping bushes I enjoyed just because it was so good to be home. 

Before you ask – no, I did not shear any sheep. I have in the past but, believe me, it’s not pretty! I have shorn about 20 in total for my lifetime, but it is a job best left to the professionals who can shear hundreds in a day.

Another added bonus to being back in WA was by far the weather (you can’t tell a good farming life story without talking about the weather!) which made it nice to be working outside. Western Australia is fortunate to have big, beautiful blue skies and very predictable weather. I was able to spend most of my days working in nothing more than a t-shirt, jeans and boots. I definitely developed the farmers tan lines after the first month out in the sun. Though a little more rainy days would have been appreciated (another classic farmer’s line) as more rain equals income on the farm. Unfortunately, this season had very late opening rains. When it rains at the right time in farming towns, it’s an amazing experience to be a part of because everyone is so happy. It’s the equivalent of everyone getting paid a bonus that year. Stress is instantly washed away – excuse the pun! 😉 

If you ever get the chance to visit Western Australia, you definitely should. It’s a beautiful place, with big open spaces and not a lot of people. There is a beautiful wildflower season where the fields will change colours with the Everlastings and many other flowers. Expect a road trip though because WA is a big space (Western Australia is bigger than Western Europe). There are spectacular rock formations to see too, such as Wave Rock – which is well and truly worth a visit. 

If that’s not your thing then I’d recommend heading along the coastline; which is mostly a deserted paradise where you can often find yourself alone on a beautiful beach. The further north you go, the warmer the water gets – something to keep in mind as the summers can be quite warm. I’d suggest looking into Shark Bay or Ningaloo Reef if you would like a destination to visit along the coast that is not on every tourist radar. 

If you want any more tips or would like a personal tour guide for Western Australia, you definitely know who to ask!  😉   

Part 2

Now, let’s fast forward through to June – which is when I travelled back to Melbourne. There was a brief moment where it looked like the pandemic was becoming under control in Victoria and businesses would be returning back to normal. I was back working for a short while before the second round of lockdown happened in Melbourne but, unfortunately, when stage 4 restrictions were applied, that all ended. Then, the battle to keep myself occupied began. I think, like everyone, I’ve had moments where I’ve struggled but have mostly managed to keep my head held high. 

I think the best thing that has helped to keep me sane throughout this time has been my routine; ensuring that I get outside for my daily walks and exercise. Every morning at 9am you could have found me walking around the park. I think just having that time out of the house has been great for my mental health. I’m normally a person who doesn’t sit still for too long or spend this much time at home. I’ve actually done so much walking that I’ve worn through two pairs of trainers from all the laps I’ve done around the different local parks in my area. This has been made all the more worthwhile getting to spend with a couple of good friends who have been available to join me and keep me company.

This much walking maybe be a little unusual for me but not completely new. I like hiking and  I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on walking trips with clients. I’ve been through Uluru, the Otways, thailand and Queenstown just to name a couple of places. I also have a trip to the Grampians booked once restrictions are lifted. 

The other thing that has kept my sanity has been the purchase of my bicycle which, if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen pop up often in my stories. I have really enjoyed getting to explore lots of different, new places around Melbourne. Being able to ride along the Yarra river on sunny days, visits to various parks around the area and trialing every little coffee shops are just some of the many advantages. It just the freedom to explore that little bit further – especially when there is an hour time limit – has been a massive lifeline!

Other than my daily exercise, there have been days with lots of little activities. I’ve played board games over skype, cooked and experimented in the kitchen, completed a few jigsaw puzzles, spent a lot of time on the phone to friends and family, read a few books, made cocktails (more than), enjoyed a few bottles of wine, and had lazy days where I barely got out of bed. I think all the things that were on the iso bucket list 😉 

I have to admit however that, like most of us, for me it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. I think, like most people, I have had a few days where I have really struggled with isolation. I am a very sociable person who enjoys the energy of being around people and loves being out and about. There have been many days where I have really craved affection. It has also shown me how fortunate I am to have so much affection in my life. I now appreciate more that I’m very lucky in the fact that I can usually find a good hug when I want one. And, I’m not talking about sex, just a good hug, whether its from a man, woman or other. A good hug is incredibly underrated and, in my opinion, goes such a long way. This has definitely been one of the few times in my life where I have had such a long period without one and, if I’m completely honest, I’ve missed it more than I knew I would. One of the things that I enjoy most about being able to give as a male escort, is the fact that I am in a position to give affection to people who desire it in their lives. 

Signing off on happier topics, I am now about to head out and enjoy a takeaway cocktail in the park  and enjoy being back around people. Bring on a fun Summer. chat soon

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