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I’ve recently been informed by one of my clients, that I can come across as more rigid in my writing than I actually am. She then suggested that I put something out there in my blog to show that I’m much more fun and flexible than I may present myself in writing. I admit, I was surprised when she told me this but, upon some reflection, I can understand why my writing may be perceived this way. This is certainly not my intention. She didn’t think it was like me either, and I am thankful that she felt comfortable enough to discuss this with me. As a Male escort, I always welcome and appreciate feedback – good, bad or otherwise. 

I would hope that if you ever met me, you would get to know the fun and relaxed, food loving, adventurous, affectionate, warm and caring, understanding, compassionate, easy going guy that I think I am. I’d like to think that if you were to talk to anyone who knows me that they would explain that I am a bit of a “Yes Man” – always happy to jump onboard for an activity (or three!) and someone who thrives on being around people. I therefore, try my best to provide this same experience to my clients and relish in organising fun activities for them – or at the very least, jumping onboard with their suggestions. 

I also try to be as flexible for my clients as possible. I understand that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned (or can be very busy) so I try to be as accommodating to them as I possibly can. Let’s face it – our friends and family are not always interested in doing the same things that we want to do. This can be the case for me too. Whether it’s a dance class, or a hike in nature or jumping out of a plane – we all have experiences that we’d like to try. Unfortunately however, we don’t always have someone that we can share them with. That’s why it’s important to me to be that person for my clients – the ‘go to person’ if you will. Someone who is up for anything in order to ensure that you have the best time possible. And I promise to have a good time with you in the process. That part I can guarantee! 🙂

Clearly one of my clients has experienced this firsthand and I do genuinely appreciate the gentle nudge for me to clarify myself – and show my fun side. Hopefully, by doing so, you will get a better sense of who I am and what I’m all about it. I really am a fun, lovable guy who is happy for our time together to be a mix of adventure and playfulness and everything in between. 

My testimonials are also a great place to get an idea of what my clients say about me. One client I recently travelled overseas with wrote:

Thanks for joining me on my week-long overseas trip. Your easy-going nature and sense of playfulness made the trip fun. You instinctively know when to tenderly soothe me in moments of vulnerability or take control of my sexual pleasure (the yoni massage was mind-blowing).

Our time away helped me explore my sensuality and experience a long list of things I’ve been too afraid to try. You also shared with me what men enjoy and taught me skills that will give me confidence with new lovers.

If you’re thinking about hiring me but want to get an idea of my personality first – to see if the chemistry feels right – feel free to arrange a phone call with me. That way you can hear my fun, cheekiness firsthand and see if I’m a good fit for you and your needs. 

I guess, the reason behind my writing being more rigid than I actually am is because this business is always a balance. A balance of caring for my clients and maintaining the boundaries that this profession requires. That balance is not always clear cut, but I do try my best to give the best experience without causing any confusion.  

So I guess the moral of the story is that you really should meet me to appreciate the full picture. I do offer a ‘First Time Meeting’ for this very reason. Let’s grab a drink and get to know one another. I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

And to my client, thank you! Feedback on my posts are always welcome.

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