Affection in public

Affection in public - this is a tough balancing act, because how much is really appropriate? Personally, I'm very comfortable with affection and have no problems with it in public.…


Slip! Slop! Lube!

If you've ever met me in the bedroom you probably know that I'm not shy with the lube. That's because lube is fun, it makes sex better, it makes sex…


Code Red

When clients are preparing for a booking, I often get asked one particular question - “what happens if my period arrives?” My answer to this is simple - it's ok!…


You can continue to operate as an escort – COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne as of August 2nd 2020, I will be unavailable for bookings until restrictions lift. I am still available to organise future bookings.…

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Waiting for a relationship

I do think however is: what is the harm in having a little fun and affection along the journey to finding ‘the one’? Why not enjoy some of life's little journey?

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