Affection in public

Affection in public – this is a tough balancing act, because how much is really appropriate?

Personally, I’m very comfortable with affection and have no problems with it in public. Having said that, I also like to keep it to a respectful level. For me, holding hands, hugs, cheeky kisses or a naughty little slap on the butt are all harmless and on the table if you want them. I can understand wanting a little more. It is a hot date after all and everyone deserves to appreciate and enjoy having a long, hot pash with your arm candy for the night. I’m all for it. If I do pull away it is not that I don’t want affection but possibly that I may not think it is appropriate for the location.

I also realise that you may not be comfortable with overt public affection so feel free to communicate with me prior to and/or any time during our date. It is perfectly understandable for you want to keep affection to an absolute minimum, or even to maintain the pretence of me being your chaperone for the night rather than your date. Tell me what you think is appropriate, or what you are comfortable with, and I will do my best to act accordingly. If nothing is discussed, it is my default to err on the side of caution. If I sense you holding back, I will hold back myself too out of respect. Don’t worry if you are just shy, I can usually spot the difference and will make the first move. 

People are curious creatures and, whether you realise it or not, our public affection may draw attention. This can, at times, lead to questions about our connection that you may not be prepared to answer. Anything excessively overt only invites more of these types of questions. My intention in saying this is not to scare you off, but to simply make you aware from other experiences. I want our time together to be as stress free and fun for you as possible.

Our bodies are meant to be enjoyed so let’s keep it light, cheeky, fun and build the tease – at least until we get behind closed doors! 😉

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