The next step in life

Yes the rumors are true, I am turning 40 this year  Another year older, another year wiser and when I’m feeling cheeky dare I say aging like a fine wine (I hope?!?)


Nervous Moments

We've all had those nervous moments when taking the first step towards a new challenge. They can be overwhelming and intimidating… so much so that they could discourage you from…


Why I Don’t Show my Face as a Male Escort…

When it comes to being a male escort, I don’t show my face for the obvious reason - privacy. However, privacy alone is not the only factor. Maintaining my anonymity is important not just for myself, but also for the women who are my clients. 

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Buying a toy for the first time?

Even though it's 2023, there can still be some stigma around sex, sexuality and buying sex toys! Recently a new client came to me, and shared with me that she had never owned a sex toy. She asked if I would come with her and support her on this adventure, she wanted to rectify the situation. Of course I said! And it got me thinking

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Affection in public

Affection in public - this is a tough balancing act, because how much is really appropriate? Personally, I'm very comfortable with affection and have no problems with it in public.…


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