Buying a toy for the first time?

Even though it’s 2023, there can still be some stigma around sex, sexuality and buying sex toys! Recently a new client came to me, and shared with me that she had never owned a sex toy. She asked if I would come with her and support her on this adventure, she wanted to rectify the situation. Of course I said! And it got me thinking.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story. And although it shouldn’t be this way, I remember how nervous I felt myself buying sex related paraphernalia for the first time, holding a porn magazine and condoms, dripping with sweat as my hands shook to pass the teller the cash. But it really doesn’t need to be this way at all! It can be such a fun experience especially when done at the correct venue or with the right person! 

I am passionate about empowering women to lean into their sexuality, and reconnect with that part of themselves. To become comfortable and confident and enjoy all aspects of sex.

Especially if it is something they want to explore but are too nervous to do so. So I had an idea. 

I have decided to offer my time free of charge for anyone who has genuinely never purchased a sex toy and is too afraid to do it alone, to support them through their first experience.

I want to hopefully offer my experience and knowledge to direct women into finding what they would like to use. Finding the right toys can be a challenge, I’ve got a fair collection of toys and some have been great purchases, while some haven’t. Toys are also very much differently appreciated by different people. Some toys I own are loved by some, passed over by others. But as you can’t try before you buy you do just have to risk the purchase. I will also recommend buying a toy of medium quality or better. Cheap toys generally feel cheap and can leave you wanting (but there are exceptions) 

Please understand this offer will come with conditions. 

  1. I can only offer this Monday to Thursday in the afternoons.  I regularly have high demands for my time in evenings and weekends. 
  2. I’m offering this to only one person per fortnight. 
  3. There will be 1 hour time limit. We can meet for a coffee or drink first, but it will be within that one hour, if you want more time it will come with a fee  
  4. We will be going to a lovely female friendly venue in Fitzroy, Victoria. I have no affiliation with the business but I like what they offer and their staff so I want to support their business. 
  5. I do not want to spend the hour talking about myself or my work as a male escort. I know you’ll be curious but that’s not what this time is about. 
  6. I also am not looking for clients from this offer, I just want to do something nice for the community. So please do not treat it like a meet and greet. 

If you feel like you want to take me up on this offer, just email me and say you would like to go sex toy shopping for the first time. Suggest a couple of potential dates, I will let you know if they are suitable for me. 

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