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When clients are preparing for a booking, I often get asked one particular question – “what happens if my period arrives?”

My answer to this is simple – it’s ok! I completely understand that it’s not ideal or preferred by either of us – and that it may change a few things slightly – but it’s a natural part of life and nothing for either of us to feel uncomfortable about. 

Let me start by saying that we’re all adults here about to embark on some very adult activity. Therefore, it’s important that you feel comfortable enough to let me know, ahead of time, if this is something you’re concerned about. I’m well aware that these things can pop up unexpectedly so, if that’s the case, I would never want you to feel like you couldn’t discuss this with me. Send me a text or give me a call if it’s on your mind and we can discuss the best way forward. 

For some, that may mean changing the booking to another day. If that’s your preferred option then I will absolutely allow cancellations or rescheduling from your end. 

If you are still wanting to go ahead with the booking that may just mean that we adjust the planned activity according to how you’re feeling. It may not be the day to suggest going for an intense hike or swim, but rather a day to watch movies, cook a nice meal or enjoy extra hugs. 

Even the sex we have may be different. Some may prefer no sex at all, opting insetad for lots of kissing, massages or just gentle touch and intimacy. For others, the intensity of sex may change and the usual favourite position may be switched for something a little different.

I’m afraid that oral sex is not something I will offer during this time. I’m sure you can understand and appreciate where I’m coming from in regards to this. 

I will end by saying this – although it is not ideal for your period to arrive before or during our time together – I completely understand that sometimes these things happen. So, if it does, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. It is important that you feel comfortable so I’d much prefer you to let me know ahead of time so that it’s not weighing on your mind and we can make the most out of our time together.

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