Hello and welcome to my blog relating to being a male escort.

Hello and welcome to my blog

I plan to write about topics related to my experiences of being a male escort for women. I’m hoping by writing about these experiences so that I can provide positive directions for anyone who may be considering my services or any other male/female escort. The topics will cover advice that I hope is helpful, some stories I think should be shared, and some of my more personal experiences and thoughts to allow some insight into the male brain. My only aim in writing these posts is to provide some positive guidance to the reader. Nothing I write is intended to offend or leave negative feelings. If there is something that I have written that does have this effect, please contact me. That way, I can explain myself directly or adjust my writing to better explain what I am discussing. I do warn you though – not everything is going to be sugar coated. 

I welcome the opportunity for any reader to contact me if they would like me to write about a particular topic. I genuinely appreciate your requests as it helps provide some direction on what my readers would like to know. And, let’s face it – how often do you actually get to hear first hand thoughts from a male escort? If I write about your request, I promise to give you my unbiased opinion – which is guaranteed to share the good, the bad and the ugly truth.

Topics I would like to cover are:

Educational advice from my perspective. This will be my personal thoughts – unbiased and direct. I’m not going to be a cheesy tabloid magazine giving 10 tips on how to pick up a man. I want to give my thoughts on:

  • Men. We’re all a little different but there are definitely some similarities. I want to explain what a man may think, what he may want or not want, why we males behave the way we do, and how men can be managed better (in a nice way).
  • What clients may want – or not want – from our time together. What’s common and what’s unique. Questions they may have leading up to a booking, or after a booking (a good debrief can be beneficial). What clients want to learn or explore and the various pieces of advice that are associated.

Hints and tips that I pick up along the way. I know I live in a unique world and I think it should be shared:

  • I have a lot of first, second and third dates etc. so I want to share ideas, examples and suggestions on what really can happen on a date. I want you to have a good life –  with or without me.
  • Interactions with people. Such as setting up or reviewing an online dating profile, picking up at a bar, and breaking stereotypes. 
  • Learning how to read the signs. The language of love and lust can be a challenge to read. Little tips and pointers should never go astray.

Activities and Stories from interactions with clients. 

  • Guidelines on what to expect from our time together. There are some rules and boundaries that I have for myself and clients. You might have some yourself.
  • Suggestions on what we can do together. It’s not as textbook as you might think and it’s definitely not just about sex. Although, that is entirely up to you. The classics are a classic for a reason after all. 
  • Various experiences – such as places I visit, cities I see and countries I travel to.

I will sign off by saying this – People are mere mortals and not always perfect. That includes myself. I try to learn from my mistakes and am always happy to have my statements or advice questioned and contested. All I ask is that you educate me well on the why, so that I can better understand where you’re coming from. I’m always happy to learn, and my view on topics have definitely changed over time, and it’s likely they will continue to do so. Feel free to reach out to me any time. I welcome your insights, perspectives and advice and look forward to learning and growing together. 

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