Nervous Moments

We’ve all had those nervous moments when taking the first step towards a new challenge. They can be overwhelming and intimidating… so much so that they could discourage you from even trying hence preventing an opportunity from ever happening. Making contact with an escort might be one of those challenges that create these nervous moments. I can relate to this because I remember three distinctly nervous moments I’ve had in my journey to becoming an escort.

  • My first time booking an escort for myself (I was doing some fun research before I started in the profession myself). It started with an email of only a couple of lines, but it felt so intimidating to hit send.
  • Sending my application to the agency that I first worked for  despite  being recommended  by a mutual friend who thought I would be perfect for the work. 
  • Knocking on the door to meet the woman the agency had set as a trial client to review me and determine if I was suitable. I felt so bad about my hands being  clammy from nerves as I introduced myself. 

Yet from these moments I felt empowered because I hit the send button, submitted the application and knocked on the door despite my nerves.  I think of where I am today and the opportunities I’ve had because I didn’t walk away.  In each of those moments I found someone who actually supported me to a better place in my life and sent me on a fun journey.

  •  In my first booking with a female escort, I found someone who explained that being an escort is much more than just sex, and that it can be rewarding from the support you give clients. 
  • While working for the agency, the two ladies who owed the business provided great advice for managing myself and clients(I learnt a lot of great things about women while working as an escort). 
  • The trail with my first client concreted my belief that when happy, women have the higher sex drive of the sexes (and trust me when I say I have a high sex drive). 

This blog was written for the women who might be having nervous moments themselves. I know that taking the first step can be so hard but I don’t want you to be intimidated by me. Just know I’m often described as a giant teddy bear or a softy who likes hugs and will try my best not to be intimidating. I do this work because I like seeing people take that step and walk away smiling. 

I wrote this blog because I am currently having one of those moments and wanted to share the fact that we are all the same.  You and I are no different.

So hit send, don’t walk away.

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