Bespoke Male Escort Experiences

If you’ve come this far it’s safe to assume you’re interested, or at the very least curious, as to what a date with me would look like. 

So sit back and take your time, read over my luxury options and imagine yourself there right alongside me.  Imagine, for a moment, that I’m talking to you; that this is just for you…

The First Time Meeting

$200 for 20mins

A Social Companion Experience

$600 per hour

Hugs for Loves

$400 per hour

The Boyfriend Experience

$850 per hour
2 hour minimum

Couples Fun & Games

$1200 per hour

Overnight Indulgence


The Weekend Experience


First Time Meeting

Feeling uncertain or shy? Let’s meet first.
This is for those who have never stayed with me before. Often someone considering being with an escort for the first time will experience feelings of uncertainty.
Let me start by reassuring you that this is completely normal. There’s no need to rush into it.
If you would prefer to get to know me first over a relaxing glass of wine or a cup of coffee, then please let’s do it. I’m comfortable and easy to be around. My chilled persona will hopefully put you at ease and we can then progress from there – at your discretion of course.
Normally, I only offer this service inside the CBD however, I can travel for a small fee.

$200 for 20 minutes

A Social Companion Experience

Going ‘solo’ to weddings, work functions and social events can be difficult or unfulfilling.
Often when someone finds themselves in this predicament, I get asked to accompany them as their date. This experience is a non-intimate one and is offered instead, as the perfect companion – attentive and charming; ensuring you have a wonderful time no matter what.
As someone who is well travelled and cultured, you can feel confident with me accompanying you on any occasion. Perhaps you may want to organise a ‘first time experience’ beforehand so that we can talk over your expectations and, of course, to get to know each other prior to the event.

$600 per hour

Hugs for Loves – A non-sexual intimacy experience
What’s this you ask? Yes, I know it’s a little different however, let’s explore it. Do you ever feel down or anxious and can’t shake it? Perhaps you are simply looking for connection or touch? Do you sometimes just wish you had someone to give you a big, strong hug? Connection in a safe and comforting environment is sometimes all you need. My big strong hands are definitely an asset. Being a naturally tactile person, I often find women wrapped up in my lap. Professional, platonic hugging or cuddling experiences are fast becoming a popular alternative relaxation therapy that you may wish to consider. Carried out in a safe place, with no sexual play  – this includes no kissing or sexual touch – to guarantee boundaries. This is a unique experience crafted to make you feel safe, confident and cared for.

$400 per hour; 1 hour minimum
Boyfriend Experience

This is my most popular and fulfilling experience. The date where we meet for a night of unrushed, unadulterated pleasure. Perhaps I could recommend an evening that starts with a restaurant of my choosing. I love all cuisines and fine wines. You may like to try a taste journey of exotic Peruvian delights, or maybe you’d prefer an Omakase culinary experience at a first class Japanese restaurant.

Whatever romantic desires come to mind, allow me to take you out for a night on the town and pamper you with my undivided attention. I am most comfortable in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where we can unwind, laugh, get to know one another and flirt a little (or a lot!) before retiring to your hotel room for the evening. To truly let me spoil you with my attentiveness and affection, we need time. This date has a 2 hour minimum and everything you could want from a boyfriend.

$850 per hour; 2 hour minimum

Couples Experience

I’m an open minded, confident man who doesn’t shock easily. Guiding couples through this new adventure of multiple play, which can be equal parts thrilling and challenging, is an enjoyable experience for me. The thought of seeing your partner with someone else is exciting for some. In reality, however, you do need to be mindful of who you let into your love life.

You need an experienced playmate – someone whom you can trust with your privacy and your partner. A professional is, therefore, a safe bet. The ease and convenience of organising a professional, who can come to a place and time of your choosing, is also far less challenging. Let my experience and skills guide you and your partner through this exciting journey of multiple play. To ensure an enjoyable and non-rushed experience, this service has a 1.5 hour minimum.

$1200 per hour; 1.5 hour minimum 

Bookings over 4 hours

It’s a pleasure for me to experience long bookings. Women often feel so comfortable with me that extended bookings happen quite regularly. I’m warm and fun to be around, with conversation flowing freely. I also love to hear about you. In other words, I’m a good listener. To that end, I discount all bookings over 4 hours long at a discounted rate of only $650 per hour.

$650 per hour; 4 hour minimum

Overnight Experience

What a delight it is to spend the night with a client. I’m a big snuggler, affectionate and very tactile. Who doesn’t love a good spoon?! There is, of course, time for lots of play. I absolutely adore morning sex, don’t you? I do need sleep though, so a minimum of seven hours sleep is required on these occasions. But, as this is a luxury experience, we will definitely make the most of our time together.

I’m great at Yoni massage and can also offer tantric or light sensual massage. Let’s light the candles and have some sensual, romantic fun! Think about all the ways you’d like to explore your sexuality. You may even be interested in some light BDSM. Nothing too serious, but I have found a lot of women have a few BDSM fantasies and this is certainly a safe place to explore them. You may just want male company, a chance to chat with a man and to receive loads of affection.

I definitely can’t help but touch and cuddle when I’m in bed with a woman. Whatever your inclination, let’s enjoy our night together and make the most of each other’s company. Please contact me to discuss what your expectations are for an overnight stay and what you would like to explore.

$4000 per night

The Weekend Experience

This is an exciting opportunity to really get to know one another and for you to be pampered and spoiled the entire time. Let me organise a night out for you, or a weekend away. I’m well-travelled and good at organising trips and nights out. I like to think of a million ways I can spoil you and make this a weekend you will never forget. Do you have specifics in mind?

A bucket list of experiences you are yet to enjoy? Tell me about it and let’s make it happen! I’m an adventurous soul and I love to experience new things. Whether it’s taking in an art exhibition or seeing the sights before enjoying a glass of wine – whatever you fancy, definitely count me in!

I’m also a big foodie, as I’ve already mentioned, so let’s explore some of the cultural and culinary delights of Melbourne before relaxing and retiring back to our boudoir for the evening. The fun doesn’t have to stop there. After a day of exploring you’ll probably need a sensual slow massage to relax and unwind.

From beginning to end this is a weekend you will never forget. I do need an average of seven hours sleep but you’ll thank me for it the next day. If this sounds like an experience for you, please contact me to discuss. These weekends are bespoke experiences that we create together. The weekend experience starts Friday night and ends blissfully Sunday morning.

$6000 per weekend

The Ultimate Experience – A Week of Pleasure

Have you ever wanted to travel to exotic locations with a tall, handsome and strong man by your side?

To travel with someone who’s first priority is to ensure that you are ok and that you are enjoying yourself? We can meet at a destination of your choice or fly together. I often meet up with a companion after they have had a work trip or trip with friends. Being well travelled, this is a real treat for me. If you’re unsure of what to do or where to go, why not let me organise a week to remember?

I know the best hotels and restaurants in quite a few places and the best experiences to try while we’re there. What I don’t know I will find out. A week away with someone you don’t know that well, can be a little daunting in the beginning. Let me reassure you that I offer something quite unique. I like to think of my services as a holistic experience.

Some companions I’ve stayed with are a little shy and nervous and lack experience with men. This is a great opportunity for them to come out of their shell and to gain more self-confidence with a safe and gentle-guiding hand. Some of you are adventurers and want a companion who will try anything and everything with you, and some are the quintessential romantic. This is an experience for me also. I love to be right there beside you, giving you the week of a lifetime. I’ve done this more than once so you are in very capable hands.

In any case, a week away with a professional companion is not a common occurrence. It is an investment in you – a big commitment in your own self-worth, self-nurturing and needs. It’s something we need to discuss, to ensure you are getting out of this experience everything you desire. Contact me and we can talk about it. You’ll probably want to spend some time with me first. If it were me, I certainly would. Again, picking the right professional is of the utmost importance and my professionalism is something I pride myself in.

Please check out my testimonials. Don’t just listen to me, hear first-hand from the women I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.

This ultimate deluxe experience is $21000 for the entire week.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you soon