Slip! Slop! Lube!

If you’ve ever met me in the bedroom you probably know that I’m not shy with the lube. That’s because lube is fun, it makes sex better, it makes sex last longer, it makes sex more pleasurable! I think the importance of a good lubricant is often overlooked and sometimes viewed as a woman’s shortcoming for not being wet or wet enough. Lube has a different consistency to what the female body naturally produces. I find it to have a silkier and smoother consistency that can last much longer than a woman’s natural lubrication. Wouldn’t you prefer feeling pleasurable for longer rather than the nasty chaffed feeling of dry sex? This is particularly important when using condoms because condoms are essentially rubber and rubber has a gripping texture. You’ll need more than your natural lubrication to make that covered cock glide in and out. So lube up and don’t be shy about stopping half way for some extra if you feel you need it.

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