Something to consider for weekend Bookings

I just want to put it out there that asking for a weekend booking may need some advanced planning on your part. There are only 4 to 5 weekends a month – that’s 52 weekends in a year – which means that there are not that many when you think about it.  

Weekends tend to be my most popular nights of the week, so are often booked out well in advance. I will often take bookings up to a few months prior, and it is not unusual to take a booking 6 months in advance for trips or events. Majority of my clients are well organised, and I also try to be very accommodating for special trips or events. 

The reason for telling you this is not to scare you away but you make you aware that I may not have any available dates for an extended period of time. Therefore, I wanted to plant the seed in your mind and allow you to think outside the box and possibly consider another night of the week as an alternative. 

Would you consider a cheeky Tuesday evening? Or skipping out of work during the day for a saucy midweek, lunch break romp? Ever had the fantasy of a risque rendezvous at a hotel?  There is a great app called DayUse that will allow you to find hotels during the day. It might be worth checking out if some midday fun has ever piqued your interest!

Just a food for thought and wanted to give you a little more insight into my world and hopefully a few more ideas when choosing a day and/or night to book with me.

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