I’ve purposely waited a little while to write this, because I wanted to make sure I could look back and still feel the same way about our booking late last year as I did at the time. I’ve also had time to reflect further on the first booking (35 minutes probably wasn’t long enough to wait!).

All I want to say about our most recent meeting is: WOW. I was expecting it to be a really fun night, but that exceeded my expectations by a long long way!

To potential clients (and especially first time clients) – if you have made it this far, read Will’s blog, looked at all the info on his website and perused these testimonials, you must be so close to making your decision. I can say, having done these things myself not so long ago – just take that final leap of faith and send a quick email to let Will know you are interested. He is absolutely one of the nicest, open, honest, genuine, good looking and down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. And yes – he really does have a great sense of humour! Talent doesn’t begin to describe the physical stuff, even if you’re just down for a snuggle. There is no aspect of his other testimonials that I haven’t thought is true. From start to finish on our first booking I never felt rushed or pressured, and found it so easy to talk openly about my desires. The second booking just built from the first, and I’ve already made plans to see Will again.

To Will’s repeat clients – well, you already know you’re onto a good thing 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Will, you are just a gorgeous human and I have a feeling that I will always look back on this time in my life with fondness and amazement at what it has given me – beyond what I could ever have expected. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏

Z – Perth

Recently I spent some time with William. He was very caring and patient with my anxiety. I had not had sex for 6 years since my husband had died. He just held me in his long arms for a while and stroked my head until the nerves went. Once we started kissing I was fine and our time together went very fast. I am now feeling warm, open, confident and happy. So, if you are thinking about a male escort be confident that William will be just right for you.

J – Melbourne

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our first physical connection on Thursday.  Thank you for taking your time with me, I didn’t quite realise how out of practice I was.  You’re such a kind and caring person William I loved our hugs. It’s easy to talk with you, and you’re a great kisser too! Yum!

Loved the spanking game!   I think you were testing me out weren’t you. Maybe next time we could try those other things that you had hidden in that bag of yours. Loved your idea of the belt around my neck and you pounding me from behind, yes please!!! Still feeling you inside me

Until next time?  Maybe not in the city was a little stressful getting there.  

Take care xox

H – Melbourne

Just a quick note to say thank you again for your time this evening and for making everything so easy – it really exceeded my expectations and I’m so thankful. You really do live up to the hype! Consider my eyes opened & thanks for tackling some firsts with me 😊 Really enjoyed the snuggles at the end too 🙂


“Dear Will, thanks for joining me on my week-long overseas trip. Your easy-going nature and sense of playfulness made the trip fun. You instinctively know when to tenderly soothe me in moments of vulnerability or take control of my sexual pleasure (the yoni massage was mind-blowing).

Our time away helped me explore my sensuality and experience a long list of things I’ve too afraid to try. You also shared with me what men enjoy and taught me skills that will give me confidence with new lovers.

I’m grateful for your focus on my pleasure along with the level of intensity and intimacy you provided – I felt truly adored. Thanks for making my holiday so tantalisingly memorable, I’ll continue to look back on it and smile cheekily.

If you’re thinking about booking William, do it – you won’t regret it!”


So I think seeing you on the weekend definitely had the desired effect – three separate people at work today commented on how relaxed and happy I was! I went bright red and mumbled something about enjoying having an extra day off work 🤭

Anyway, thank you again. Looking forward to next time 😘


Thanks for sharing some firsts for me on this little trip. When I invited you to come along I guess I wasn’t expecting that we would end up at the 12 apostles but thanks for making it happen and what a truly memorable experience I will hold close to my heart. Thanks for the waterfall experience this morning. I realize how much I enjoyed it and how I missed getting back in touch with nature. It was gorgeous. Thank you for re introducing me to sex on top. It’s been years since I’ve felt comfortable with me being on top (and haven’t been on top for years), without worrying about being judged or that I was too big to enjoy that position again. I am truly comfortable and relaxed in your company and enjoy the mischief, the fun, chats, laughter and acting a lil silly. I had a wonderful time in every aspect. Looking forward to our future bookings and as I said I give you permission to push me and my boundaries. You have carte blanche. See you in May xoxoxo 


William, I can’t believe how quick time flies with you. I loved every part of our night and morning. Thank you for the wonderful conversations, experiences and memories created during our time; even though you left me for dead on the bowling alley. Thanks for making me laugh, alleviating all nerves and for being intuitive in knowing what I needed and how I wanted to be touched… yes you bring out a cheeky side to me you know when I needed more or needed you to go slow… I truly would have been happy with just being held in your strong arms and your magnificent kisses. You truly do know your way around a women’s body. Above all, thank you again for being a truly GORGEOUS man in every sense and aspect. You give so much during our time and for that, I am forever grateful. 😘😘

Looking forward to our next catch up(s). Happy to experience these firsts with you. –


Hi William! I’m having a hard time getting you out of my head! … (work productivity is suffering a little (a lot) today). Thank you so much for making the weekend unforgettable. I enjoyed myself very much and I can’t wait to do it again. I’ll definitely be in touch — S


Hi William, thanks for a great night. It was the perfect blend of relaxed intimacy that I needed, given things are a bit full on at work right now. I always enjoy time with you and your kindness and attentiveness – thank you. I also want to thank you for the Gin, tonic and lime for my birthday. It will definitely be enjoyed over the coming weeks and it was a really thoughtful thing to do. Don’t forget to have a look at @talesoflara on Instagram, I think you could do something similar and peeps would love it. I would love to catch up again and it will most likely be towards the end of Oct or early Nov. Until then, keep well, enjoy life and all the positive things that come your way. L


Thanks so much, William, I had a fab time as always. I enjoy our catch ups. I can always be myself without giving too much away, not that I have anything to hide. I suspect this applies to you too. I’m in a good place and can’t wait for what lies ahead in 2019. Have a fab weekend and b’day (you said it’s in next couple of weeks) 


Hello hello… I was getting ready to go and I meet up with a friend. I put on that stripy blue dress and was about to take it off and put something else on but I stopped as I remembered something you said that made me feel confident and sexy at the time which stopped me second guessing. So just wanted to say Thank you William..😘 Have a great day. Xoxoxoxo


So back to work today… decided to wear my blue dress and a little something I bought myself at Tiffany & Co to remind me of our time together. Memories from last week continue to make me smile like the cat that swallowed the pigeon. Everyone I’ve seen since arriving home has said that I’m glowing, which is a testament to how totally adored you made me feel. I wanted to let you know that my confidence is sky high, which has taken me by surprise, as I didn’t even know another level has possible. I even smiled and winked at a guy in the cafe this morning. No reply needed, I just felt compelled to write you a short note to let you know that you’ve affected me (and my dreams) in new and exciting ways. Thank you x


William, thanks doesn’t do justice for all that do during our time together. I had another wonderful evening and morning in your company, enjoying all aspect of our time together. I could sit, talk and kiss you for hours and hours. Being cocooned in your arms makes me smile. Love having your arms around me. You are a beautiful person who provides an exceptional experience making me feel desired, sassy and much more. Looking forward to our next encounter. THANK YOU. M xoxoxo


A message for you William of sincere thanks. Thank you for making me at complete ease, thank-you for reminding me of my womanhood – I genuinely feared that i might not be capable of doing that again or of feeling pleasure again. The tears were all about that. About what I have bee n missing. I wish you well for everything you do. take care, with all my gratitude. K


“Wow, Will is gorgeous and an absolute sweetheart.  All I wanted was a night out without the fuss of finding a date.  It was the perfect evening of cocktails and dancing with an attractive and attentive companion.  I’ll definitely book again!”


“What an amazing gentleman.  He made me feel beautiful.  The care he showed was genuine and very satisfying.  I’d recommend his services to anyone in need of a serious treat ;-)”


“I’m a pretty tall woman at 5’11” and not in a model-like way, but Will made me feel like a dainty petal *swoon*  I was literally carried off my feet!  He gave me a night to remember for years to come :))  If you’re into really tall, masculine, athletic-rugby types you won’t be disappointed.  Oh and what a gorgeous face to boot!”


“I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and wasn’t looking to jump into another one.  I just wanted some time to heal and restore my confidence.  I needed to feel like a woman again and not some frumpy, middle-aged female eunuch.  I  sought out William’s services as a stepping stone to gaining back my confidence.  It was just what I needed!  He made me feel sexy and showed me what I’d been missing for the past decade – great sex, intimacy and adoration.  I’m still a bit shy about dipping my foot in the dating pool, but I’m much happier now and I feel a lot better about myself and isn’t that the whole point!”


“When I first met William at the hotel lobby I wanted to do a little happy dance!  William is seriously all kinds of hot that he should come with a warning label, lol.  And he’s really, ahem, really talented 😉 Can’t ask for much more.  Oh wait, all that and he’s a really nice guy without a trace of arrogance!  He was definitely the highlight of my trip to Melbourne.”

JNew York

“William is an exceptional escort whom I would highly recommend to the most discerning client. I’d seen my fair share of escorts and have never been completely satisfied due to one aspect or other. Usually, it was a lack of chemistry or attraction. Other times it was a disconnect that was physical or emotional which would leave me dissatisfied.

William is exceedingly attractive and quite stunning in stature and physique. I won’t soon forget his dark brown eyes, soft full lips, strong arms and amazing derriere. Having his large hands caressing my body as his lips lingered on my neck was enough to send me into a frenzy of lust. He’s definitely not one for skipping the foreplay but that’s not to say he didn’t know when to move things along at the right moment. It was definitely a wonderful buildup to one of the most amazing sexual experiences I’ve ever had.  William’s wealth of knowledge and experience has given him an insight into women that few men possess. Through this insight, he helped me orgasm more frequently and regularly – something I’d been struggling with for a while. For that alone, I am ever so grateful to him.

As skilled a lover as William is I believe his real strength lies in his ability to connect on an emotional level. He’s a great listener and he’s good at reading people and understanding their needs. For me, it was affection and affirmation. He made me feel desired and sexy.  I can’t recommend him enough.”


“I had a great time with William.  Having a demanding career and family obligations leaves very little room for a social life.  I don’t have the time or desire for a relationship but I still have needs.  His services met those needs in the best way possible without the hassle of dating or disappointment.  I would liken William’s services to the best spa treatment you could give yourself.”