The Little Things. The Fun Things…

I’m not sure if it’s the same for other male escorts, but I definitely find that my time with clients is not just about sex and, more often than not, more about companionship. This can mean that I regularly get to go on a lot of fun little dates that involve activities, concerts and trips. I get told that I am often invited because it can be hard to find someone with matching interests and schedules. Or that, it can also just be too difficult to find a guy who doesn’t want to skip the date and go straight to the bedroom instead.

So, I’m often lucky enough to enjoy a lot of the fun, little date activities – and I’m not just talking about candle lit dinners! I’m talking about more of the cute things like:

  • The classic second or third date activities, like Holey Moley, bowling or to the cinema. And the classics are classics because they are good fun!
  • To concerts like Soul Sacrifice, Tash Sultana and The Eagles.
  • More adventurous things like taking a client for a weekend to Mt Buller to see snow for the first time and learn to ski together (I had previously learnt to snowboard, but never to ski). 
  • Or really thrill seeking activities like a week away in an exotic overseas country where we have fun exploring on scooters, snorkeling and diving, or just enjoying delicious cuisine.

I like to think I am invited along to such fun things because I genuinely like seeing my clients have fun. I also like being able to let them step out of their comfort zone and be a little adventurous – and I think they like doing the same for me. So it’s a win, win!

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