The next step in life

Yes the rumors are true, I am turning 40 this year 

Another year older, another year wiser and when I’m feeling cheeky dare I say aging like a fine wine (I hope?!?)

Jokes aside, I want to thank you for your patronage, without you this last year in my 30s would not have been half as memorable. I would also like to say that gifts are never required, your time in my company is truly the best gift. But if you are so inclined and want to give me a gift, I would ask you to refrain from buying anything physical and instead opt for an experience. 

This life is but a fleeting moment, lets enjoy something together neither of us will forget. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Take me with you! 

Let’s make this year memorable for the both of us. Is there a show you want to see, shall we eat our way through a delicious degustation? Or shall we hop on a plane and travel the world? 

Or  are you feeling coquettish? Shall we do something a little more wild?  Together we can go see a live sex show. Have your first threesome, foursome? Take the plunge entirely and make it a swingers party? I’ll happily be your guide

The options are endless, and the world is our oyster. Let’s experience it together. Material things collect dust on shelves and get forgotten, but memories are for a lifetime. 

If you’re craving an experience but aren’t sure where to start and need a little guidance or a hint, don’t be afraid to ask, I have a whole bucket list!

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