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I’m just lying here awake in the last morning of an amazing trip to Moalboal in the Philippines thinking about what my client suggested for me. She suggested I should discuss how I became her travel buddy, because it has taken a few steps to get here for myself. 

To explain more about the objective of this trip, in my clients words “I wanted it to be 50% diving, and 50% sex and fun”. The challenge to make this trip happen was that I couldn’t dive. We knew that when this trip was being planned though, and over the last few months I’ve learnt to dive, and even advanced my skills on this trip. 

To explain deeper about why this trip happened, my client is an avid diver (She absolutely loves it, and I now can understand why, I’m definitely hooked) but doing your favourite activities alone is just not quite as much fun, and she has found it difficult to schedule her old diving buddies to come alone for the trips like they used too. So this is where I step in (after a couple of chats and slide shows about her previous diving trips), and volunteer to come along (with little experience to know what I was getting myself into lol).

This then comes back around to what my client suggested I write about. She suggested that I explain that I have a diverse range of experiences that I enjoy sharing with clients and that makes me one of the most fun travel buddies you will find. I have done everything from backpacking to 5 star resorts, horseback riding to adventures in the snow, salsa dancing to karaoke, and now I can add scuba diving to my list. I am also happy to plan a trip for you that includes something you have always wanted to try but maybe never had the time or the right person to do it with. And, as my client discovered, I am also more than happy to develop any new skills I need to make your dream holiday come true, inside and outside the bedroom. 

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