Waiting for a relationship

I recently had a new client cancel her initial booking with me because she was looking for more from her time with a man than I can give. Simply put, she wanted a relationship. I totally respect that, because that is not what I offer as an escort. She is not the first to have these thoughts, and she’s probably not the last woman either. 

What I do think however is: What is the harm in having a little fun and affection along the journey to finding ‘the one’? Why not enjoy some of life’s little journey?

My initial thought is, why do we draw a line? If a relationship is what you are after, why are you closing yourself off to people? I know that I’m never going to be the boyfriend she is seeking but, if she’s walking away from time with me, what else might she be walking away from? Being in a healthy relationship is a practised skill. You need to know how to communicate, be affectionate, receive, be accommodating, flexible – because a relationship is a beautiful balance of two people. 

I would think most would not pass up a hug from a new friend if there was a connection. I also think most are comfortable with a massage from a paid stranger. So why not combine the two? Hugs/affection/sex/contact are a huge part of life, and you’d be amazed how much they can improve your outlook on the world around you. As a male escort, I constantly see the positive effects that these aspects have on people’s lives. 

So if it’s not hurting you or anyone else, what is stopping you from having an enjoyable time with someone (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a male escort) now? Why is there a line in the sand at some particular level of affection because you are waiting for more? I’m not saying you need to settle for something less than great. I just want you to be able to enjoy a good moment along the journey towards where you want to be. 

Is it because you feel like someone might judge? Or you’ll judge yourself? I can honestly tell you that I’ve met a lot of people who have never regretted taking an opportunity. And, people don’t judge as much as you may think they do. They are more likely to be envious because you are doing something fun with your life. 

I’m not writing this to make you to book with me (there was a cheeky little hint in the middle though!) 😉 but hopefully to guide you to a better place – wherever that may be. 

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