What to Expect for Your First Booking with a Male Escort

If this is your first time booking a male escort, the following is a sample of what you can expect.

Remember, this is a service for you and I’d like for you to get the most out of our time together, so feel free to tell me what you desire and I will endeavor to make it happen. 

After the initial confirmation of your booking, I will text or call (your choice for form of contact) 24 hours in advance to re-confirm the time and date of the booking.  This will allow you to update me on how you are feeling and to discuss any anxieties or concerns you may have at this stage. 

​You can also expect a text as I arrive for the booking. I strive to be punctual so do not feel rushed if you receive the text 10 minutes earlier than the booked time. If you have some nerves at this point, that is normal. 

​Through our initial communication we will have decided on a place to meet. This will either be somewhere public such as a hotel lobby or nearby bar/cafe, or somewhere private such as a hotel room (although in some hotels the lift requires a key card for access). 

​Regardless of where we first meet, the booking will start with some general conversation to help us get acquainted with one another and to calm any anxieties or fears you may have. Sometimes it helps to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. This is a good opportunity for you to ask me as many questions as you like in relation to the booking. You will find me very open and relaxed about sex and intimacy, so no question is too silly or inappropriate. This is also an opportunity for me to understand what you might enjoy for our time together. 

​We will stay there until you feel comfortable to move on.  For your peace of mind, I suggest that you tell a friend that you’re meeting someone you haven’t met before (you may not wish to divulge you’re seeing a male escort).  You can tell them where we’re meeting and give them my phone number. 

​Should we progress to your room, I may have some soft music playing in the background as we get familiar with each other.  We may continue chatting, during which I may start stroking you gently with my hands. I am very affectionate and find that a gentle touch can be very relaxing and reassuring. As we become more comfortable, the gentle touch can turn into a sensual massage or a mutual exploration of each other. 

​If and when you are ready to take things further, I will let you guide me as to what happens next. You are in control at all times. If at any time there is something particular that you would like, please feel free to tell me. I have a great deal of experience as a male escort, so don’t feel shy about any requests. My role as an escort is to provide you with the most pleasurable experience during our time together. 

What if You’ve Never Had Sex Before?

Then know that you are not alone and that you will be in good hands. As a male escort, I have introduced the pleasures of sex to many women for their first time. Because it is important to me that your first sexual experience be a positive one, I will be happy to give a free 30 minutes at the beginning of the booking to sit and chat in public to settle any fears and anxieties you may have.  

Many women choose to be with an experienced escort for their first time, as this assures that the experience is about them and not their partner’s gratification. Please do not be embarrassed to let me know that this is your first time when we make the booking.  I would like to look after you the best way possible.  I would suggest that a longer booking would ensure an evening that is not rushed.

Common Requests

  • A style of intimacy that you have not experienced before or something that past/current lovers won’t do. This may be a slow sensuous approach or something more active, perhaps with you in the lead. 
  • An introduction to understanding male sensuality and what men enjoy. I often have requests to teach techniques that will give my clients confidence in being with male lovers. 
  • An introduction to dominant and submissive role play. My role is to help you experience something you may have fantasized about but have been too afraid to try. 
  • Sharing an evening with a couple and helping them explore their relationship. 

What a male escort is not…

My services are strictly confidential and very discreet.  I will strive to give you the best experience possible but in a strictly professional capacity.

  • I do not mix my business life with my personal life.
  • A relationship other than client/escort is not possible or ever encouraged. 
  • I will never socialize with clients outside of a booking.
  • An escort is neither a friend nor a boyfriend. 
  • I have no formal education in psychology. I am just a person who has learnt from life experiences and am happy to share my knowledge and techniques if I think it will help someone. 
  • I am happy to listen to anything you have to say – many clients come from a background of difficult relationships and just wish to vent. 
  • However, I can neither cure nor resolve any significant, personal or psychological problems. What I can do in providing my service, is give clients some time of relaxation, pleasure and nurturing.
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