Why I Don’t Show my Face as a Male Escort… 

When it comes to being a male escort, I don’t show my face for the obvious reason – privacy. However, privacy alone is not the only factor. Maintaining my anonymity is important not just for myself, but also for the women who are my clients. 

My aim is to be able to provide a service to women that enables me to accompany them in public without other people realising that I am a hired escort. I want the women that I am spending time with to be able to relax and enjoy the time we have together – without any added stresses or concerns. Many of my clients are high ranking executives, skilled professionals, celebrities or women in unfulfilling relationships – all who might likely be recognised themselves or may have a reputation to uphold. Therefore, if I am in public with a client, I would prefer if my chosen profession didn’t affect their reputation in any way. 

I am often told, by people who know me, that I am easily spotted in a crowd because of my height and stature. Drawing more, unnecessary, attention is therefore something I wish to avoid. As a result – I do not post photos of, or share photos of, my face. I have not been recognised yet for my profession as a male escort, and nor do I ever plan to be.

I do understand that a face can be key to finding someone attractive. If I were to describe myself, in the hope of providing some insight, I guess I would say that I’m the epitome (or so I’m told) of what you would call tall, dark and handsome. I have brown hair, dark brown eyes (that people often say have a suggestive twinkle to them) and a cheeky grin. Feel free to read my testimonials page too. Some of my clients have provided some of their own insights that may help to give you an idea for yourself. 

If you’re reading this and you’re still not sure whether you’d like to book some time with me, I do offer a ‘First Time Meeting’ so that we can meet initially to establish an attraction. That way you can change your mind if you’re not physically attracted to me. Although I’m (quietly) confident that this won’t be the case! 😉

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